Hello world!

My name is Alina. I’am from Bucharest – Romania and I love to travel!

Because of my  passion for traveling I bought an apartment in Brasov so we can relax anytime on weekends in an environment that combines nature with tradition, with history and with the bustle of a city – Brasov is a special city!

Most times when I went on holiday I’ve rent an apartment – is more convenient and cheaper – love visiting not staying so much inside…but I’m looking for an apartment fully equipped with everything necessary! I’m looking for a clean apartment with a pleasant atmosphere in which I want to feel myself like “home”! When I choose a place I look for datas and reviews, I try to get in touch with the host – if everything seems fine I rent it without hesitation!

So I got the idea of trying to promote as much as I can my country but particularly Transylvania – Brasov !

Soon I will have a new studio in the same area which will help me to offer other accommodation capacity.  I’ll be glad to welcome you to taste Transylvania – Brasov!

See you there!





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